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why we are here(in earth)

what is the reason from our life?



Life is only life.It needn't reason.I think.


The reason for you having a life is so you can go make something out of it!

ok All your answers are correct but what about (God) Why create humans


There is no reason for why we, as a species, are here, but each individual may have their own purpose in life. Some people want to pursue wealth and pleasure, and others don't know what they want. But I think most people live to love and be loved, to be a useful and valued member of society, and to eventually have children, so as to survive genetically through their offsping.

you are right mr:Tom Emery but my second question why god creat human?

Why are we here (on Earth)?


Humans are here to learn and understand (and eventually unite; search: singularity) so that someday (and already) we can create new life ourselves. Why would cells unite to form man, molecules to form cells, atoms to form molecules, quarks to form atoms otherwise? 


Humans were not created. We created ourselves and were created by everything else all throughout the unified cycle of time. Death is not heaven nor hell but both. When we die, we sense (statiscally speaking) either blinding darkness and/or blinding light (although death could induce the same amount of energy in some distant future; think "death" during the Big Bang for example). This darkness and/or lightness is only our senses adjusting to a different energy, a different mindset, that eventually wears off as our energy settles into new life (finally freed from our bodies). This cycle will continue and continue until "death" is eliminated leaving only a constant body of life. How to develop omnipresence?


Unity. How to develop unity? Understanding and communication and networking. Ridding ourselves of fear is of uttmost importance. Fear hinders growth of understanding. Love invites understanding and communication, thus why societies that promote love have survived while primal societies have failed. It is inevitable that we come together as one (we already are with the creation of the "internet" and "highways" and "free trade agreements") so no one should fear it. The more sentience we obtain (through understanding and communication), nicer and more forgiving we become.


This is a deep philosophy that I have been building for years. Feel free to contact me with anymore questions.


I think even the God never knows that why we are here...... 

Many people think that there must be a reason for coming into this world,well I personaly think that the reason why we came to this world is not selectable,we can't chose our birth (maybe sad but true). From the beginning of our life it has no meaning for us,as time goes by and we grow we start to find the meaning of life or the motive of living.So I think our whole life is a process of discovering the meaning of life and the motive of living.

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