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Do you read books in a foreign language ?

And if you do, what do you do with words you don't know?

Do you use a dictionary or just get the meaning through the text?

Do you check the pronunciation or not?


When I read, the book absorbs me and I don't take time to open a dictionary. I still understand the story but it often leads to mispronunciation (at least in my head).

In English, the pronunciation is not always what I thought it would be !


So, what about you? What do you do when you read books in a foreign language?




Hi! it is a good question because I think it depends on how much vocabulary you already know. In my case, I like to read in languages I am still learning so I can get used to not only to speak a second language but to think in a second language which is more important. I personally go through the whole chapter reading and highlighting the words that I don´t understand, then when I finish, I came back at the begining and start looking for the words I highlighted in the dictionary and writing the meaning under the word, when I finish with all the words I started reading from the begining of the chapter again and that´s how I learn new words and make them part of my vocabulary. :)


I read books are wrtten in foreign languages at times for improving my language skills. I try to do as many as I can such as listening to the radio, watching movies without subtitles and so on.

I am the same way with you. Don't want to waste my time to open a dictionary, so I often skip it because there are tons of words that I don't know and it takes lots of time if I look all the words up! But I understand what's going on somehow. If not, i try to find an easier book which more fits my current skills.

Yes, usually I only find the meaning through the text and denoted those words, so I can find the meaning later.

I often read books in English, and when I find a word i don't know i seek it out in a dictionary if i can't understand its meaning from the context. I don't check pronunciation when i read, i do it when I watch films or talk to people.

Thank you all for your answers.


Highlighting new words could be a good idea, but I hate writing on books ... I don't know why.


Anyway, reading is a good way to improve language, and a real pleasure !

I almost never use dictionary, I just see words, so I don't pronounce them, even in my mind! actually I try not to bother myself as much as possible, to not losing  the enthusism to read that book! any way If i was in good mood, I would highlight words and sentences which I like to remember or learn, I mean some sweet words,nice sentences and also some new words and sentences! :)

yeah  it's very useful  for  me

I read books in English and I try to look up as few words as possible. I prefer to guess the meaning from the context, when possible.

As for the pronunciation issue, I believe in the "music" of the language. I've become "accustomed" to English, so I "know" instinctively how to pronounce even the words whose meaning I don't know!


yes,i read book in English.i like learning language and make friends

I have no choice but to read books in english. from preschool to elementary to college the books that we are using are all in English. T.T and if I go to bookstore like almost 90% of the books are english whether the author are Filipino or foreigner. If I found an unfamiliar vocabulary I search it in dictionary to know its meqaning and try to use them in a sentence.

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