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Do you read books in a foreign language ?

And if you do, what do you do with words you don't know?

Do you use a dictionary or just get the meaning through the text?

Do you check the pronunciation or not?


When I read, the book absorbs me and I don't take time to open a dictionary. I still understand the story but it often leads to mispronunciation (at least in my head).

In English, the pronunciation is not always what I thought it would be !


So, what about you? What do you do when you read books in a foreign language?




Hi! it is a good question because I think it depends on how much vocabulary you already know. In my case, I like to read in languages I am still learning so I can get used to not only to speak a second language but to think in a second language which is more important. I personally go through the whole chapter reading and highlighting the words that I don´t understand, then when I finish, I came back at the begining and start looking for the words I highlighted in the dictionary and writing the meaning under the word, when I finish with all the words I started reading from the begining of the chapter again and that´s how I learn new words and make them part of my vocabulary. :)


I read books are wrtten in foreign languages at times for improving my language skills. I try to do as many as I can such as listening to the radio, watching movies without subtitles and so on.

I am the same way with you. Don't want to waste my time to open a dictionary, so I often skip it because there are tons of words that I don't know and it takes lots of time if I look all the words up! But I understand what's going on somehow. If not, i try to find an easier book which more fits my current skills.

Yes, usually I only find the meaning through the text and denoted those words, so I can find the meaning later.

I often read books in English, and when I find a word i don't know i seek it out in a dictionary if i can't understand its meaning from the context. I don't check pronunciation when i read, i do it when I watch films or talk to people.

Of  course,I often read  books written  in  English.By  the  way,I  am  Chnese.Every  time when  I meet new  words ,I guess the meaning according  to the  context   firstly.If  I still can't guess it,or  I am not sure whether I got the correct meaning,I'll look  up the words in the dictionary.Sure,I'll pay attention  to the pronunciation,for it can help  me memorize the words quickly.

Thank you all for your answers.


Highlighting new words could be a good idea, but I hate writing on books ... I don't know why.


Anyway, reading is a good way to improve language, and a real pleasure !

I almost never use dictionary, I just see words, so I don't pronounce them, even in my mind! actually I try not to bother myself as much as possible, to not losing  the enthusism to read that book! any way If i was in good mood, I would highlight words and sentences which I like to remember or learn, I mean some sweet words,nice sentences and also some new words and sentences! :)

yeah  it's very useful  for  me

I read books in English and I try to look up as few words as possible. I prefer to guess the meaning from the context, when possible.

As for the pronunciation issue, I believe in the "music" of the language. I've become "accustomed" to English, so I "know" instinctively how to pronounce even the words whose meaning I don't know!


yes,i read book in English.i like learning language and make friends

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