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What do you think about China?



most of all

attractive that the 1/4 of human beings speak mandarine

of course it's hell difficult to learn

yeh you are chinese

I love it and I'm learning it

(I'm korean)

chinese is attractive (china has REALLY REALLY LONG history with korea)

but nowadays chinese.. just a little troublesomes.. but

I love china and chinese

China is my motherland...what do you think about China???

China is also  my motherland.China is ancient and modern.

i know Psy)))))))))and I listen hes muzik))))

a power of econmic and human 


i hope visit chaina in one day 

China has a long and complex history. I respect its tradition and culture, but I find its recent history (Mao "reformations", Tibet annexion, policy toward national miniorites and China neighborhood) troublesome at best. Unfortunately, today its country with totalitarian government. I hope that this change one day.


It is a great country with a great people and great history. 

I love China. When I was a child I used to say to my brother that I would be China in every sport team we had on our video game. However I still like this country and its history, I must confess I became disappointed when I heard about how they deal with baby girls. Sometimes their mothers don't have any choice and have to leave them to die. Is it true? It's really sad.

I am Chinese,China is my motherland.China is a great country with 5000 years of civilization,and the great wall is the one of worlds wonders ,i should be proud of my montherland.

Welcom foreign friends to travel in China

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