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What are subjects do you hate and you like when you was in school?

I like all subjects, especially history, math and chemistry. I hate sport when rain, because we must stay in class and study theory only.



i like chinese ,english,geography,and i hate maths

i like history only..

I liked English, French, Math, Physics and Chemistry and I hated Russian language and literature, and Biology. The last one was an especially hated subject..


i like everything except sport, history and german.



I liked maths, geometry, sport. I hated history(

biology yeah biology~

like plant tissue culture、human cloning~

Go Go Go Let's go to be a biologist~bring up zombies~

I like foteign language, history, art and teology

I hate geograpy, biology, physic and math

i liked math....but i went with biology..and now have Bachelor degree in medicine and surgery...

when I was going to school I really liked math, PE and English. I didn't like physics what may seem funny when you realize Im gonna be an engineer one day XD (btw I still hate physics:D)

I hated history and biology. Not surprisinly, I was always among the worst performers in these two subjects.

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