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What do you thing about AZERBAIJAN?

Baku is a capital of Azerbaijan.



I knew it because my idol "Sami Yusuf" from that country :)

I know only one thing about your beautiful country: it has a very serious disagreement with one of its neighbors. 


I hope that your country and ____ can settle the problem in a peaceful manner and become good friends.



As far as I know:

-It's a former Soviet republic.

-It locates to the west of Caspian sea, between Russia and Iran.

-It sits on both Asia and Europe.

-Azerbaijanians speak a Turkic language.

-Baku is rich in oil.

-Azerbaijan has a good economy situation in recent years.

-Azerbaijan is planning to build the tallest tower in the world.

да Тина Сами Йусуф азербайджанец

джемес and I belive in justice

Qardaş ölkəmiz və qiymətli qardaşlarımız. Sevgilər...

Josep Yue we speaking in our language.byt turkish language like to us))and Azerbaijan is a dont soveting is a independent country))

Azərbaycan gözəllər diyarıdır  :)


Sorry, I don't have any information about that.  Could you introduce to me about the country?


Thanks in advance.

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