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For most people, gambling is fun and simply a form of entertainment. For others, gambling becomes an addiction. Some my friends spend all their time and money gambling. 

Apart from the obvious reason of winning money, why do people gamble?




Gambling becomes an addiction because of the thrill. This is a chemical reaction (dopamine) to the brain which makes you feel happy or alive, and is very addictive. It is the same chemical that some drugs induce. This thrill can come from skill games or luck games.

In skill games, the thrill comes from both winning, or being on the brink of losing. The feeling does not really wear off until you win or lose it all.

In luck games, the thrill comes from small victories. For some people, this feeling will be worth more than the small amounts they are losing until the small amounts have become big amounts.


I forgot, in luck games, the thrill also comes from the chance of a huge victory, like winning the lottery or Jackpot.

I think people gamble for a few reasons:


The lure of easy money. Many people don't want to work for their money...they want to get it the easiest way possible.


The thrill of the big win!


The thrill of taking a risk. This thrill is similar to those that do extreme sports...some people just like taking risks in the hope of beating the odds.


Perceived skill. Some people think they have skills that will allow them to beat the odds (and some actually do!).

Hello Julia


The gambling is really dangerous...I know many persons destroyed for it.....The gambling is like a cigarette....If you smoke the first, you will not be able to leave it....The same thing affect for gambling.....How many marriages are finished for these reasons?
Horse's racing, Video Lottery , Blackjek, Baccarà are the gambling more famous and more dangerous of the world....
The gambling's players love the instant winning , risk and adrenalina (i don't know how do you say in english )...

The life isn't only the gambling....Why destroy the life for things so stupid?


what is gambling ?i even don't know what it is !can you tell me?


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