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To drink or not to drink?

Many people use alcohol and can not get rid of this bad habit. Why do people drink so much alcohol? Is it really necessary? I don't understand these people, even those who drink beer.



As for me, I'm not a big fan of alcohol, but I see nothing bad in drinking some good beer or wine with friends. Just to relax and have a good time! =)

Thanks a lot for your comment , Elena. I respect your opinion. As for me, I have a good time without alcohol:)

 let them drink .. to feel freedom .. they dont feel it .. humans in incredible life .. let them feel enjoy ... freedom ...

I think drinking has bad effect on our health just like smoking , and by the time , the side-effect is going to apeare on the body ,, but i respect everyone opinion regards


There is a long history of humans drinking alcohol. A long time ago before everyone had clean water, beer and wine were a few of the only safe drinks because bacteria cannot live in alcohol.

Alcohol lowers your guard and makes some people more honest about themselves. For this, people drink to become more sociable. Other people drink it because it makes them feel good and helps them forget about their problems. Not everyone needs to drink to have a good time!  If you do, be sure to thank your liver for keeping you alive.

Freedom? I don't think so. Most people drink a lot of doing nothing or they want to get away from problems.

Tanya, so do I! When I'm sober I'm even more energetic and funny XD But I just think there's nothing bad in using alcohol in a moderate quantity with a good reason =)

Elena, if you drink a little, I think it is not a problem. I'm talking about people who drink a lot.  I think it is no secret that in Ukraine we have a lot of people who drink much alcohol.


For the guys the alcohol is now the only enjoyment's form....the problem, now , is that the guys begin drinking too early....

Chinafan, I agree with you. They are idiots, they just kill themselves.

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