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unrest in the middleeast ..the reason and the solution

Hi everybody , today i want to talk about a political subject , i know most people dont like even listen or read like this issue but for me and other people that live in middleeast  is important to know why their countries cant be like other places in the world and why they should suffer from violence and unrest during the time ...

So please participate and let me know your idea the way i want to improve my English and vocabulary in different field and learn how talk about and discuss like these topics ..



Perhaps the problem is that some people on any side of any issue do not want to be just and reasonable and to try to see the situation from the other perspective, or to be just in their actions towards the other side.

Simply put.

Miyre , maybe you be partly right , but there are hidden hands controling third world countries becuase those countries leader are weak and try to stay on the head of the government so they sole their people and country and national sources to foregin government to stay on the crown

This is a difficult one to answer Barhoomee. Possession of land (and its resources) and religious faith play their part. The solution has to start with each person's right to live in peace. But that's easy for me to say; I am far removed from the turmoil.

"...because those countries' leaders are weak" or "because those country's leaders are weak...". To be honest I'm not sure which is correct. I think the first one is right. Or you could say, "...because the leaders of those countries are weak." I think you meant, "because they sold their people and country and rescources...". A "Sole" is the thing on the bottom of a shoe and also a kind of fish (right? a saltwater fish?) Not to be confused with a 'soul', which is the part of person that lives on after death according to some major religions. There's also 'soul music' and 'soul food'. The word maybe four or five meanings, some related. 

Alex ,, imeant they sold ...the past form of sale



Many Americans are very worried about the situation in the Middle East.


1. The situation in Iraq is not good. Thousands of American soldiers died there and American taxpayers paid billions of dollars for the war there. But the various religious groups have not found a way to live together in peace and mutual respect.


2. The situation in Syria is SO sad -- many dead people and many refugees. The United States does not know what to do because:


a. Russia and China support the present government in Syria.

b. The United States is worried that a new government in Syria might be worse than the present government.

c. Right now, the whole world is waiting to see what the United States is going to do.


3. The biggest problem, of course, is Iran:


a. NObody wants war.

b. But many countries that told Iran that it may not have nuclear weapons.

c. So if Iran does build nuclear weapons, what will  other countries do?

d. The United States has told Iran that  it (the United States) will take action if Iran builds nuclear weapons. What kind of action? Of course, we ordinary people do not know.




It seems that at this moment in history, the Middle East is the most important part of the world.

to have a democracy and a democratic system

  - active citizens participation.

if you dont participate in a national defense, community problems, elections...etc, ur screwed.

community participation is also the major factor.

Community participation is based on these three aspects: political, social and economical.

political refers to getting involved in elections: to elect and to be elected

social refers to giving lectures about how to protect ourselves from HIV/AIDS ( human immunodeficiency virus/ aquired immunodeficiency syndrome), sanitation lessons, cleaning our environment...etc.

economical refers to the developnment of the country, city, town , yourself...

i hope it helps:) may god help you, amigo! Adios!





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