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How did you learn the language that you speak?

From your family, at school, by yourself or how?



I have learned english at school. But when you not every day use the language, you forget a lot of vocabular and grammar. . 

Hello Elisa


I have started learning english when i was at school....but , for different reasons that i will not explain now, i left....only now and everyday, thanks still at italki and his staff , i began again speaking it....In italy we have a poor knowledge because the knowledge of foreign languages has been understimated by the school and university



Xeed, you are right, languages are "alive" and if  we don't  "nourish" them  speaking, they die :(

Hi, Gaetano :)


Yes, in Italy language learning is understimated and I think this means also that in some way we are "closed" people.


When I was a child, I learned how to read and write Chinese. However, I went to a school where there were very few Chinese people, so I began to speak more English. Eventually, I forgot how to read and write Chinese and now I only know English!

If you don't use it, you lose it.

Cyris, may I ask you how old were you when you moved? 

Thank you in advance.


I was born in the United States but my parents did not know English, so they taught to me in Chinese.  I learned English completely from school.

Thank you, Cyris. I am very interested about this issue. My husband is Russian and I am Italian

... continuing. My husband is Russian and I am Italian and we live in Italy and we wanted our children (we have 3 kids) to be bilingual but  we failed. They have different knoledge of Russian but no one of them is a real bilingual.

English is my mother tongue. I learned French and Italian at school, and enjoyed French so much that I studied it right to univeristy level.  Unfortunately I didn't do any extra study in Italian after the age of 16. However, as an adult, I became acquainted with several Italians living in London and I started to practice a little again.

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