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The way of learning .

How can we learn with faith ?



What do you mean by faith: believe in God or trust/confidence in yourself?

Yes the belive that you have on Thee can help you be stronger on the things that you want help for . 


Yes, I think it's linked in some way with motivation and discipline.

Is another way, with the Holy Spirit .


To learn new language is a gift from God . I think that is always His will to help his children to have more knowledge . I can tell you if you pray about it you will see that what I am saying is right . :) I believe in Christ and I know that our Heavenly Father love us .

Buy spirit from a market and put it on the table. Now can you start learning with holy spirit.



faith is something that inspires people to exhaust teh potential they are innately capable of.

faith can make you overcome apparent impossibilities.

faith is irreplaceble.

faith is what is left when prosperty, youth, beauty and shallow happiness have vanished.

faith is what make sthe difference between humans and other species: the ability to transcendent reality and to imagine ideality is a prerogative of us humans


but dont get me wrong, im not talking about the holy spirit or whatever. i am an agnostic.














The thing that people never will understand is that to have that spirit you need a lot of work and need to be humble and right all the time . Smart guys know where to invest their time ! (Nacir)
Love your comment Autarkia! :)


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