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giving directions

hello, i would like to give some directions to someone who wants to go downtown in my city, well if you want to go downtown by bus, starting from my house you need to walk to your right for one block, then turn left walking two blocks, then turn right and cross the little bridge until the next street, then turn left and walk 4 blocks until you get to the avenue then cross the avenue and stay in front of the drugstore and wait for the bus , the bus stop is in front of the drugstore but it hasn´t any signal, then wait for a white bus that has a signal in the front glass and it says "downtown", then tell the bus driver to advise you when you get to downtown and that´s it, i hope you get there.




Maybe you should use some descriptions like 'T' junction, cross junction. Also if you say turn in to (street name) it might help.




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