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Why do people hate school?

There is nothing to hate about school. School is the birth place of knowledge!




Maybe everything is repetitive(like class schedule).

  Make the energetic adolescences feel bored.

Because there everybody speaks the same language..

Maybe because they feel forced?

Because school can't replace experiences that you get druing the life. Rather than learning from mistakes which is quite natural, you're learnin in forward when you don't even need to know something yet. In many cases you don't need to know many things you learn from school. Life is more smooth and precise while school is more like bale full of random knowladge.

Because its boring



It may be fault of the teachers.

I agree people get board staring at the same wall, same book and same people for so many years. Also i believe if you don't understand or like a curtain subject, it makes you negative and unhappy that gives you the feeling of hate. 

I think we have to make difference between  school and  knowledge. School is a place where teachers taught students some knowledge but the good question is why school is often not attractive ? I point the way to teach which is very important to make interesting what you learn and what it is taught.

School is also where you are evaluated and a lot of students are afraid of it, they don't want to fail but it's the way for learning new things and after a failure you can always succeed but it can be more difficult than you can expect !   

i think because of the wrong evaluation of the students  preference not every one can study what he is god at but forced to study what the school decide and that's the main problem we faced in the middle east

because you have to learn subjects you dont capable of  learning it specially subject like Math.not all student like it further more exams and quizs.

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