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what do you think the politic italian?



I hope they don't know none of them

Hello valeri'


Finally we have a government but our politicals are ridiculous and little serious.....I would like to ask at foreign people what do you think about italian political?



Well,I know one of them :).Silvio Berlusconi has the ability to destroy the reputation of any country, I'm glad he's gone :)

Hi nik


I am agree with your comment....Is good listening that the foreign persons have a similar idea about our political

I think that there is too many political parties in Italy. So, it is quite difficult to create stable government. Of course Beppe Grillo movement and Berlusconi actions are quite ridiculous. But, Italy has also serious politicians such as president Giorgio Napolitano, Mario Monti. So, you can't say that everythink is lost. ;) 

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