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Do you use italki in the language that you are learning?Do you think it is useful?Why? Why not?



I think its useful because you will talk with native speaker and learn from them . you can improve your langauge by that , also if you have any question you can put your question and some pro-poelpe will  answer

Nawfel, thank you but my question is about the language settings.

Hayır. Bi kısa süre sayfa dilini Türkçe olarak kullandın şimdi öyle değil.

Merdan, do you think it was useful for your language learning process?

Well I can't really say it's use full, coz I'm new here... but atless all people get here to learn each other language and we can comunicate each other (kind a like other social network)... I think this is where people try to find friend who want to learn and teach.... ^^.... so maybe it's kind a use (half) ful.... hehe ^^


Yes I'm using italki for learning languages and I think this website is useful. You can ask your questions about languages and also you can post what you write in your notebook and then native speakers correct mistakes you made. This website, for me, is not just for making a friend, chat with each other or exchange Skype ID and have a conversation like other many site. There are professional teachers and community tutors. You can learn with them although it charges you. But that's why many people are gathering who are kind of serious about learning on here italki. If it doesn't charge you, this site would be the same just like other site. So in my opinion, the language system is good. Teaches have reponsibilities and students are trying to do their best because they don't want to wast money of course. 

あぐら Agra and Yuri, I think my question is not clear. I am trying to learn your opinion about using '''' in the language you are studying. For example, I always use it in English.

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