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Why is it common for couples to split up?

Couples should never be apart, if they are the right match.

Strike the best match, then hang with that, forever.



I think relationships aren't that easy. It takes a big effort to have a long last relationship. Even a research told that love only lasts for 5 years.. But I believe many couple are able to make grow stronger over time.

good one anis and tnx. i'm surprised about the fact that you raised ( love only lasts for 5 years). Unbeliveble. We hope everything will work out for those who's struggling.

Well the problem with others is that they always say.. "if we are meant to be together, we will see each other again" so the other one is too confident enough to leave for some reason.

"Couples should never be apart, if they are the right match"

I think the problem is that you can't know if you are a good match until you've tried for at least a few months. It's trial and error.

It is common for couples to split up because they are not that committed with each other. We cannot assure that we will feel love everyday. It is committement that hold us together and our choice to love that person everyday even if some of the days your partner is not lovable or things are not good.

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