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People say:"If you want to be succses, so you should work hard"

It's true or not?



well, I think that one part of that asseveration is true, but in the real life you have not only working hard, but meeting the correct people. I have lived this situation, for instance, in my job I work hardly to get a better salary; however, I realize that people who are boss's friends have better salary. That situation is frutrating.

Yes .of course

The authentic, successful businessmen I have met, male and female, are those who are determined and ready to help others. I'd stand up for this variant, 'go for success and be part of others' success.'


P.S. I suppose everyone has got his own definition on 'success'.

Working hard is only part of being successful.


Being successful means getting back on your feet after you have fallen numerous times. Also there is also an element of luck; Be there at the right place and the right time.

If you want to succeed , you have to work hard . It is true in somehow and some time . It is highly hypothetically assumed that everything is ideal and perfect . Roughly to say ,It is not a must.A considerable number of of  people who are successful in their career do not necessarily work very hard every day . That is true as there are too many extra unpredictable situation in your career or life. People who have good public relationship can find better job than most people. They do not need work very hard as usual.

Here is my sincere suggestion : not only your work ability but also public relationship matter your eventual success in your life. it sounds unfair but realistic. besides , you had better know you have to do the thing well but also do the right thing. Take me as an example , I had wasted too much time in trivials and my professional knowledge in the past . If I had the opportunity to restart my life, I would concentrate more on what i should do and public relationship , neverthless , no one can revert his life indeed and past experience is a crucial motive to your future. The experience of failure is a really motive to the future success .



All I can say is that I have met brilliant people in my life. Of those people only the ones who work hard are achieving success. The remainder choose to waste their intelligence by being lazy.

Hi Harkaman al-Bugisiy


Your question is very interesting....but it depends by the kind of person....
There are persons that think only at the this way, if you want to be a success man , you must to be willing at a hard life and sacrificed.

There are people, instead , that prefer the family instead of job....stay with their son, wife instead boss or collegue....




Does God have help in our succses???

Well, two people who put in equal effort seldom get same results. The factor that is not attributable to the efforts is labelled as luck or being at the right place at the right time. I case of believers this is God's help or the lack of it. Work hard was an old notion when people were judged for the efforts they used to put in. Now, with new management systems and techniques your output can be reliably measured so now you really need to work SMART rather than hard. Essentially, you have to work hard but in the RIGHT direction as well.

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