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Do you think women are better off staying at home as housewives?


Is there a highest duty of women in your religion/culture/belief? Do you think women and men are naturally different in strength and should play their respective roles in family and society? Do you advocate for gender equality? Do you reject traditional perceptions of women in your region?



I think I should have all the opportunities men have - nothing more, nothing less. I am contributing to my field of science and helping to conserve wildlife in my own small, but important way. I don't see why I shouldn't be allowed to do this because I have female parts. Besides, if I had to be a housewife, I'm pretty sure I would go bat shit insane.

I think there is no rule to follow since every pair of couple differs from another. Some hubbies are so good at housework that they go perfectly with career women nowadays. Some don't want kids while some can't have kids. Some go for same-sex lifestyles while some are celibate.  Some work at home while others don't have to work because they have made a fortune before marriage. Bottom line is, as long as both of them are okay with that, no one else can say anything about it, innit? I am old school with an open mind. Maybe there will be no more gender equality issue soon and comes an era of unisex? LOL @ evren_okur's pic

Great posts, I actually wouldnt mind staying at home with the children and cleaning the house. I think i would enjoy it. I believe lions actually have a similar system. Women provide food and the male stays home to protect the cubs and take care of the territory.

During last week, on the public  channel  of Taiwan, I saw three movies of the same topic.

The male of the couple is either interested in housework or good-for-nothing and the female earns money to support their family.

However, the tenderness of the role of the husband moves not only the wife but also us spectators. 

In my religion "Islam", Women is better to stay at home because home is the best and safest place for women and even if they want to go out, they have to wear veil that can protect them from crime.


We can see how many women who have experienced sexual abuse and criminal behavior outside of home, on the street or public area. they get it more than men.


Stay at home doesn't mean want to oppress them but means Islam appreciate them. Women are like precious gems that have to protect. they are the best teacher for children that expected will be great assets for our religion and country.


Now days some people say that woman and man have same in play role in family and society. It's not totally true. a woman may has a high career like a man but she have to know their responsible as a woman, as a mother who has important responsibility for her husband and children.


I accept this perception because it's good for me. I work everyday but I wear veil and I want to take my high responsible for my husband and children one day later if I get married :)

I respect people's choices to stay at home if they want but I don't think anyone should be forced to. Of course women are subjected to more physical and sexual abuse if they leave homes, but if it's that much of a problem that you don't want to leave your house for fear of being raped, what does that say about the society you live in?


I also believe that women should be able to take their protection into their own hands. If a man's job is to protect a woman, why isn't it also a woman's job to protect her husband and her children? Driving is also very dangerous, but we don't shy away from it for that reason. It is necessary to accept some risk in life, while actively working to prevent it. By doing so, it will be beneficial for everyone.

Yes, the ideal situation is always the woman stay at home and look after and protect children and house, it is very obvious from creation, not just the way the bodies were made but also the natural emotional tendancies of women more as nurterers that they should look after the house, it is their creation role. Scientific research even shows that women who work too hard early on or come under too much stress physiologically they will become barren far sooner than those who do not work so hard. Obviously because of circumstances that cannot always be the case and some women need to work to contribute financially, but even so there are jobs a lot more ideal and less strenuous than others. My thoughts.

women can have wonderful achievement far beyond men can imagine.  The characteristics of women can bring work place more delicate and warm feeling . Of course , some women prefer to stay in home to be a responsible housewife while not every woman is fitted to stay in home .

To have a family with lovely babies is the most promising experience in the world . If you are a woman who loves children very much , I think you may consider to stay in your family to take care of your kids . I don't know how you couples would be in the future , however, I know your kids would give you unthinkable and accidental surprise in the rest of your life once they were well raised.

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