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Did anyone practice meditation at the temple in Thailand before ?

Did anyone practice meditation at temple in Thailand (especially in Chiangmai) before ? 

Could you please tell me some details about that ?



well im not going to lie , no i havent but i would like to say i practice therevada buddhism and im sure its similar to whats practiced in thailand. We do medidate often during when we chant pirith, i think its very mind cleansing, it helps me relieve stress , its important part of my daily life.

thanks ~ deshan_rahul  : )

Hi Surie


My friend did a 10 day medition course at Wat Doi Suthep (วัดพระธาตุดอยสุเทพ), but he was a man, so you'll have to check whether they allow women too. There's also a monastery in Surat Thani that's famous for teaching vipassana meditation to foreigners (but that's way down south, very far from Chiang Mai).


Here's a useful wiki page with more info (they list a few places in Chiang Mai):


You shoudn't have to pay more than a small donation for each day you stay.


Maybe try posting this in the Thai notebook section, I'm sure they know more about this than I do!


Good luck

Ohh thank you so much ~tezza ,,thank you for your kindly help~~

I visited to Wat Doi Suthep last month , that's incredible and unforgettable.
I like a temple in the forest in Chiangmai that named "wat Umong" (วัดอุโมงค์) , there's a international meditation centre . I'm interested in practice meditation at there , maybe go next year huh ~





Just one more tip, in case you don't already know. It's possible to trek up to Doi Suthep, rather than taking the road (which can be dangerous, especially on a motorbike). Just behind Chian Mai university is a temple called Wat Fa Hin. From there you go up a small hill to a radio/TV mask, and the trial up to Doi Suthep starts there. Not many people know about it, and even many Thai people will tell you that no walking trial up exists, but it does! It's a pleasant walk up, with a nice temple halfway, much better than taking a songteaw up.

Thank you tezza~~~  this information is very useful ~!I will try that if I have chance ! That sounds great !!! Thanks again again and again ~~ you're so kind ~

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