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I want to know what nice music and famous Italian singer



hi my name is Steve from Italy i'd like to improve my horrible english. Well ...mmmm about famous italian singer ok but what type of music? classic??rock?? pop? Example Vasco Rossi was/is a very big famous italian rock singer: every his concert in stadium is full.



Between Young is famous the rap music, the rap singer most listen are Club Dogo, Salmo, Fabri Fibra, Guè Pequeno, Enigna, Gemitaiz Etc... (I listen these singers)

Other famous singers are Laura Pausini, Vasco Rossi, Libabue, Mengoni etc...

Oh... Thank you very much

i agree with other comments vasco,ligabue etc...if you like alternative-electronic music i suggest verdena ... and about songwrittes are famous de'andre', rino gaetano,lucio battisti etc


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