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What is still fresh in your memory of childhood or youth?

do you think when is the time dividing line between middle-aged and young people?



friends and cats :)

Drinking tea with my grandmother in the afternoon, in Sri Lanka in our family home.

From 3-9 Childhood

From 10-19 Teenage Years

From 16-22 Young Adult

From 45-60 Middle-Age

From 60 and up - Senior



At 3, I recall the stroller, crossing the road. It was tiny, I think, but I was terrified. At that time, cars are monstrously large, you know.

That is an interesting question.  Many people believe the teen mind is different from both the child mind and the adult mind.  With that in mind I think youth ends at around 12, the teen years end at 20 or 21  and middle age begins at 35.  Finally when you reach 70 you are getting old.  To me it seems that American culture is dominated by the teen years mentality.

I remember making the fire with my grandmother, early in the morning, then drinking tea and eating toast for breakfast. Happy memories!

i always remember moments that i spent with my friends.we used to watch scary movies and we scared each other we laugh and laugh .After that we cant sleep all the night:)

Also it depends on how you look at it.  Some people are still children at age 60, others are adults at age 10.  I'm talking about mental age, of course, not physical age.


umm,  i remember dancing sculptures from wax.those things are very creepy:)

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