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Formal or informal education?

The education you receive from your family is more important than the education you receive from school. Do you agree with this statement?



the family and school education is very important to form de moral bases for the society.

but i live believe that traveling is to live and living it is the best way our educating our minds.


@ Sebastian. There's a lot of forms really. But most people assert that earning a qualification guarantees life assurrance. I totally disagree. School education offers basic skills. Your friends, family, including personal experience (you mentioned traveling) offers direction in life or meaning. 


Both go hand in hand.

Yes, families and friends help you foster one's values, character, wisdom---all those importanct elements in life. But being a good person in and of itself does not help pay the bills. How would anyone support your family you love without a job?

Everyone needs education in school that provides you with knowledge and skills in order to contribute to society as a professional. No thanks, I don't want a free loader even if he/she is a saint.


I think it takes a blend of both both help you build your character, but at the same time evety family is diffrent and same goes to the society you live in. As i said before you should value both kibds of wisdom earned in life.

Hello nekosan


Our behaviour depend by education we reiceved by our family...but today the parents have many problems to educate own childrens..

The family is the most important above all others! If your parents looking after in a good way, try to educate you there would be less problem in the school. The first seven years is the most important in your life! 

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