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The may 1 st

Is your country calebrates this public holiday....?



Yes in my country we have celebrates this holiday :) This is day of labor for work-people .

yes Marian u r right day of labor ,,,,,,,unfortunately once a year....


Chinese people usually go shopping, meet friends on this day

Yes!Mosr of the people take the day off. And students do not  have classes. 

in italy is celebrated as in other city....But now, for the huge crisis that we have , i will call it as the unemployed day


In Russia we do. i think this Holiday will become more and more actual because of economic crisis, especially for Europe. Workers and Government must to look at it in new point of view)

In Japan, it's the same as usuall. We don't celebrate anything. But some people may do.

Officially, Indonesia will celebrate Mayday as national holiday next year. But, ten of thousands of people are gathered to celebrate though. This is a long way since the labor union urged the government to make it national holiday since the post reform era in late 1990s. 

IT was very interesting to read your comments,,,Thank you all...

Yes. In Vietnam, it is known as International Labor Day and considered as a public holiday.
As this event is adjacent to the Reunification Day, May Day is often jointed by April 30th to have a double-day off. Vietnamese people usually return to their families during this holiday. Many people tend to travel in domestic and oversea...

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