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Learn French with Music

I start learning French like couple years ago, by myself, for like a year then forget it. But since last year, I feel the eager to learn it more. I don't really think I'm great at English but people say so. Yet, I think I'm good enough because I keep listening to English song and watch US serials and stuff with English subtitle, and now, even better, without subtitle at all.


I realize it help alot, so I start using same way with French. I keep listening to like Carla Bruni, but then feel bored by myself lol. I need like song more new or modern or stuff, like pop but with beat. I start listening to TaL, Yelle, Christophe Mae. Well, they have the paroles video so I can learn how to spell the word. And now even I don't really understand the meaning, I like, at least know how to say some word. Then later can looking for the meaning.


I need your help here, maybe you can give like recommended song or singer that now really like sensation or pop star in France or kind of things? Just simply comment. And yeah, I still need partner to practice my French 


Merci beacoup.




well. i can pass for you some of the programs that Benny the Irish (a hiperpolyglot) that speaks 11 languages passed to me in my mai box. Do you have skype or google hangouts?

If you dont have, just send me a message and i will pass very cool programs for you (they're all free).

Im also interested in learn some indonesian if you can help me

Ola César !


I've also heard about Benny and have been following his blog for a while. It's amazing how he managed to convince to some Cariocas that he was one of them at least for a little while, truly an amazing an inspirational guy,


entao cara, onde voce esta do Brasil ? Qual e sua cidade? Eu gostaria tambem de ter essas programas que voce tem do Benny. Poderia me enviar por favor amigo ?


Muito obrigado,



I would recommend Alizée, she has some songs with simple and easy-to-understand lyrics. (Plus, her music is great for cardio workout, it just makes me dance).

Other artists: Margaux Avril, Berry, Matthieu Mendes. The las one has a little more beat, I guess.


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