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Russian as second language!

I decided to learn Russian as a second language(after/ together with English) ! I would appreciate any help and idea! I am beginner but I want to improve more and more! I am Hungarian!




The first idea is just to begin! Begin from the alphabet an rules of reading (there are not many of them) and then you can continue with some everyday phrase. 

To speak more you need to increase your vocabulary and to know grammar. There are many teachers or language partners on italki who can help you!

Thank you very much for your advice!

Here is my 2 cents (probably suitable for any language): try to learn it as a child learns a language. Start with most frequent phrases, memorize words in contexts, also immerse yourself in a lot of texts/audio, because even if you understand 1% of what is written/said, your brain will attune itself to the language and will switch to the special 'language acquisition mode'. Also you can try Rosetta Stone at least to get the feel of the language (for concrete nouns and verbs of action).

First and foremost, start from grammar, because you will never be able to speak, write, and understand Russian, without knowing its grammar. Honestly, its gramar really dificult, even not each native speakerknow exactly all the rules. Anyway, for them it is not a problem, because they know how to write and speak correctlli in Russian, just because they have always heard it. So, a good sugestion for you is to learn graamr , then listen to the native speakers, read in Russian, and you will find it hard, but very interesting

good luck

Thank you for your helps!

Thank you for your help! I hope my Russian will be good enough to talk in Russian through Skype!

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