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the air in you country

I come from china ,and i am a baby's mother . I care about the air in my country ,because it's worse and worse at day by day . Can you share about the air situation in your country ? Maybe i can move to you country . At least i can know where has the fresh air and i want to go there .



in china?

Perfect,My favorite :)

where are you living ?

I think somewhere in china is a good place to live .The air in countryside is very well.There are mang trees .you can hear birds singing and smell flowers .I think it is better for baby ,and we can touch nature .

My hometown is a small villiage ,and there are flowers ,tress ,but the air also not very well . The water goes dirty and dirty ,the veagetables have farm chemicals .everything in china seems so terriable . I am so worry about my baby and chinese children . I hope i can change the environment ,but i am so small ,and the people who can change the environment ,but they don't care ,they only care the money . I don't know they are so clever ,but they even don't know that if the air not fresh ,the food not safe ,people will die ,the money is paper ,how it save you ? or save your wife ,your child ? Why we make momey but kill people ?


The air condition where I live?

Well I live in Canada, more specifically Nova Scotia (New Scotland in Latin) and I'd say the air here are next to perfect. Canada in general is just such a big place with far too few people, it would be pretty hard to find anywhere here that is very polluted. There are some remnants of pollution from the industrial boom, but for the most part it's pretty nice here; on the downside Canada is almost on the opposite side of the planet in regards to China.


The air quality in China is terrible. I've been to about ten different cities, and all were bad. The day I got to Beijing it was crystal clear with blue skies which surprised me, but mainly because it was a windy day. The next day, it was so, so smoggy. Xi'an i think was the smoggiest of the lot, but Wuxi was bad too. It would vary day by day, but i couldnt believe how bad it was. In addition, the quality of water in the canals around


I live in Australia and the air quality here is very good - almost perfect you could say. When it's foggy, it's fog, unlike in China, where any mist always has a blue tinge to it, and a smell of smoke. One of the first things that really stood out to me when I returned to Melbourne after a year in China, was how everything looked SO sharp, SO in focus. Why? Because there wasnt the constant haze.


Where i lived in Wuxi, there was a radio tower a short distance away - maybe 1-2 kilometres, and on some days, I could barely see it because of the haze. At the school i lived, between my apartment and the big central building, i could still see haze. It really was unbelievable.

The worst part about the smog in China's skies is that it makes everything dirty. So many buildings have tiles on the outside, and the pollution would leave dirt in the grout (between the tiles), which when it rained, it would smear down the tiles, making everything, particularly windows, look dirty and grimy.


Many western countries went through these problems years ago, when they predominantly used coal. I hope that China, like these countries, can clean it's environment once the boom period has ended.


I believe in most big cities in China , The air quality would not be so nice as there are too many industries around the big city . The air quality in medium size cities could be getting worse in air quality as more industries moved to those rural areas . Over industrialization and is the most prominent culprit of air pollution I believe . In taiwan , we have encounter the same problem as China . Even living in rural area  , you can not get comparable air quality as you expect .


Dear Marcus

I cannot agree with you more regarding living in Australian big cities . I ever visited Brisbane , australia  Feb this year . The air quality is by far better than that of my country . My allergy gets much improved in Australia . Haziness in China is frequently seen I believe .I visited several main big cities years ago . They may face such air pollution problem after ending of booming economy . Economy development is done for life quality instead of beautiful figure .  The population of Taiwan is around 20million people living in this small island . As far as I know , the population of Australia is equivalent to that of Taiwan, However, the size of Australia is almost 200 times as the size of Taiwan . You may deduct how crowded my country is and how impossible to improve our air pollution problem.


Maybe one day , people will figure it out why we need develop our life quality rather than economical figure .


I believe it's actually from over-use of unclean industrial energies such as coal. Most western countries went through these kind of periods, early in their development. They used to say that the city of London was often as dark as night during the day, due to the coal smoke. I know that CHina uses an absolute ton of coal as part of its growth-  i think by reducing that alone will make a different in the future. The problem for places like Taiwan and Japan is that they're getting all of mainland China's bad air.

Population density is another issue, and as you said, Australia is a very large place, with a comparitively very small population.


I forgot to mention that the best air (or better) that i found was down south in Kunming, and then up in Lijiang/Dali/Zhongdian - all of those places being a lot higher above sea level i think were less affected by pollution. Zhongdian in particular (or Shangri-la as they call it) was misty - and the first place where i think the mist/fog was actually just cold air, rather than smog.


Viewing the Panda's in their bamboo forests...all nice and misty, but it wasnt mist, it was pollution! It had a light blue tinge to it and a smell of smoke. I felt sorry for the poor Panda's having to breath it.


it's takes caring government to give you good air, you can tell alot about a government by how they protect their citizens,

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