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do you have a special talent ?

they say every one have a talent but not every one know it or use it ? what do you say .......i don't think it's true



Let's think about this. How did the rich people you know become rich? Have you analyzed their life story? Maybe you’ve read their biography or watched their documentary, or even seen their success in the news. However, it is very likely that you have not noticed something they all have in common. It is something that is not common in most cultures and, therefore, most people are born, live and die poor: they invested in their talents.

You will only multiply your money if you know what your talents are and how to use them. And although it’s free, not everyone is willing to do this. On the other hand, everyone is willing to work (or has to work, whether they want to or not). Sadly, many people live on this earth for 70, 80, 90 years without discovering their talents. These people live with what "life gives him" without going after what they really want.

ya good point but i have to tell you that talent may be not that clear so peapole alwayes have to searching for it even it takes long time may be you can do something unusal no one done it before you


-I can speak with my teeth clenched but my lips are not moving. 


 other one is, I get hints from my dreams about what will happen in the future, and most of them actually happened.. 


yes , i can sleep with my eyes closed

everybody has a talent or more but these talents won't appear if he/she unable to explore it. sometimes we must brave and confident enough to let it show up. :)


btw my talent is write short story and novel

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