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Hello everyone... anybody wanna chat or talk with a native spanish speaker?


Hey everyone i'm Marco I've grown up and raised in Mexico and i'd like to help u out with ur spanish.... and u might help me with my english  .... mmm what to say..... I'm taking up computers systems engineer, 19 years old... i'm really patient and i get along well with people....
feel free to contact me
this my email:
skype: mamg_14_2
add me in whichever one u have... peace out...



Hi, Marco, I'd be glad to be your friend online and to ask for your help in studying Spanish. I hope you are interested in letting me add you to contact list. Waiting to hear from you. Respect, Vica

hey Vica ... with pleasure i'd like to help u out... pls check my profile out and add me if u want...
talk 2 u lata...

Si, Yo necisito practicar si tienes el tiempo.  Yo vivo en los estados unidos and es muy differente escrbiendo la lengua.  If you have the time I would very much enjoy speaking with you, thanks.  Jojo

hey what's up, dude, add me on msn or skype  if u want some help with your spanish now i've got nothing but time on my hands cuz i'm on vacations
talk to you later.
Marco A.
quiero hablar con tu, apredno espanol para mucho tiempo, y solo necesito hablar con personas nativas && I can help you with english =)

Hi, Hannah How are u doing?  i hope you're ok ....well i'd be glad to help u out with ur spanish... feel free to add me...
see ya
Marco A.

Ola Marco!! I really interested to practice with you please add me on your msn:

hola,estoy aprediendo espanol y realmente necisito ayuda por practicar este idioma con otras personas,y tambien quiero lo mejorar con tu ayuda,y yo promito ayudarte con french or english,hasta luego.

Hola....tambien hablo espanol y necesito practicar la lengua.  Si alguien quiere comunicar conmigo en espanol e ingles mi Skype es xrisa_69.... Gracias !

hola, soy de perú.... me interesaría aprender inglés y hacer un intercambio con tu español.....

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