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Jokes about lawyers

Do you know some good jokes about lawyers? I once read few, good American's jokes about this profession. One of them was: What is that, one thousand lawyers at the bottom of the sea? Answer: A good beginning. ;) I would like to know more of them. :)





There were two vampires -- a father and son. They find a victim and suck his blood for a long time. The father-vampire finally says, "That is enough, my son. Let us leave this poor fellow alone now." The son-vampire protests, "But Father, he still has a few drops of blood left."  And the father-vampire replies, "I know son, but after all, we're vampires, not lawyers!"

Thats good one. :D Thanks. Oh and I recalled another joke.

There was a party, and a Doctor spoke with a lawyer. When they were talking, one of party guests came to Doctor and asked him about some illness he suffer. Doctor ofcourse gave him advice. Soon, the situation repeated. Doctor, quite irritated asked lawyer: "Please tell me. You are lawyer, but nobody comes to you to ask you for advice. How do you do this?" Lawyer replied: "It's quite simple. If someone ask me for advice on party, I sent him an invoice, after coming home." Doctor ofcourse was amazed with this simple yet effective method and thanked the lawyer.

Next morning, Doctor woke up after party, went down the stairs to check his mailbox and there found invoice from the lawyer. :)

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