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Basic Urdu Lessons - 1.Basic usage of "Main hoon" ( I am )

In this lesson and in my upcoming lessons, I’ll try to help Urdu speaking beginners to understand the basics of speaking Urdu. I’ll use very simple phrases and expressions to help you with Urdu speaking.


Basic usage of "Main hoon"

This lesson is about using ‘Main hoon’ (I am). It is used in combination with other words to tell someone about yourself or to describe something you are doing. In following sentences, I have highlighted the words where gender Identification is necessary. Female needs to read the pink highlighted words and male needs to read the blue highlighted words. The pattern of sentences is:


Main ________ Hoon.


Main = I (Pronoun)        _________ = informatory words/ status words        Hoon = am (verb) 


Main kafi thucka hoa/thucke hoe hoon.               (I’m so tired)

Main uljha hoa/hoe hoon.                                  (I’m confused)

Main khosh hoon.                                             (I’m happy)

Main tay’ees saal ka/ki hoon.                             (I’m twenty three years old)

Main bhooka/bhooki hoon.                                 (I’m hungry)

Main preshan hoon.                                           (I’m nervous)

Main purJosh hoon.                                           (I’m excited)

Main kaam choor raha/rahi hoon.                       (I’m leaving work)

Main Pyasa/Pyasi hoon.                                     (I’m thirsty)

Main Islamabad sy hoon.                                   (I’m from Islamabad)

Main shaded bhooka/bhooki hoon.                      (I’m extremely hungry)

Main bohot khoosh hoon.                                   (I’m very happy)

Main Buri tarha bhooka/bhooki hoon.                  (I’m terribly hungry)

Main bohot zyada purJosh hoon.                         (I am super excited)

Main bohot preshan hoon.                                  (I’m very nervous)



Note: There is no standard for roman Urdu (Urdu words in English script). So you may see the following forms on internet:

Main = mayn = man

Hoon = Hon = Hn


Please submit your comments if you find it helpful, need clarification or find any mistake.

If you want to practice enunciating these phrases or need any other urgent help, you can send me private message or you can also join me on Skype: speak.urdu



Very much useful indeed!

Please add more especially on grammar and constructing sentences.

Also phrases like :

I want, I have, I need ... etc.


A question:

What is the difference between bohot and shadeed?


Ap ki madd ke liey bahot shukriya. ( please correct if am mistaken) :)


@Imran good work boss




if u 'want to' 'need to' 'have to' do some action the sentence is different and when u want/need/have something then the sentence is different.


i want _____(Something)- mujhe ______ chahiye

he/she wants ________ - use ______ chahiye


i want water - mujhe paani chahiye

i want to go - main jaana chahta/chahti hoon

i want to come - main aana chahta/chahti hoon

i want to know - main jaanana chahta/chahti hoon


i have book - mere paas book hai.

i have money - 'mere paas' paise hain.

she has my pen - meri pen uske paas hai.


here are some exceptions :D


sentences having doubt/confusion/problem etc.

i have a doubt - mujhe doubt hai.

he had a confusion - use confusion tha.


plant needs water - paudhe ko paani ki zaroorat hai.

need here is zaroorat.

sometimes u can say chahiye instead of 'ki zaroorat hai' for expressing the same thing.


'have to' and 'need to' both shows compulsion so they can be expressed in  three different ways according to the context one of the three may sound better

i have to go - mujhe jaana hoga/mujhe jaana hai/mujhe jaana padega.

he/she has to go - use jaana hoga/


Thank you all for commenting.



InshaAllah I'll try to add more on grammer & construction of phrases and will discuss I want, I have, I need, one by one .


Q.   What is the difference between bohot and shadeed? 

A.   bohot is alike Very and  Shadeed means Extremely



This is very helpful :))))  Don't quit posting !

I already know how to pronouce these phrases so I can tell that for many english speakers who don't already know their pronounciations that they may pronounce them very different based on your spellings. Like "thucka" I would think rhymes with yuck(a) whereas I always heard it pronounced thaaka, thaaki. Is this word pronounced thucka (like yucka) in your region? I'm just curious is all :)

Thanks kyda! you have rightly pointed out the spelling mistake. 'Thaka' makes more sense than 'Thucka' or 'Thaaka'. As I said earlier in discussion, spelling could be different for an individual depending on their native language and how they understand and use the sounds of a, u, y, e etc.  therefore, you might have seen different spellings for the same word on internet. But key point is that spelling should be as close as the actual pronunciation is and Insha Allah, I'll focus on it.



Thank you very much, Imran and Tushar, teaching us urdu. Is very nice of you...

many thanks for your post, can you also add voice, so we know how it is said.


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