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could you correct text about me?

if you can and want, please correct text about me
it's very important for me :)


A highly motivated to work with children, student pedagogics, who has over half year gain experience in kindergarten through practices with 3 old children leading a lot of playing and developing their skills in drawing, singing, speech, adopting of rules. At the same time gaining knowledge of how to work with a group of kids.



Because this matter is very important to you, please carefully review what I have written to make sure it expresses what you wish to say.


I am highly motivated to work with children. I have studied pedagogics, and have over a half year’s experience working in a kindergarten, leading three-year-olds in play, developing their drawing, singing, and speech skills, and teaching them respect for rules. At the same time, I have gained knowledge regarding how to work with groups of children.

Thank you so much! :)

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