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Do you believe love is sweeter the second time around?

When you and your gf/bf or wife/husband separated but afterwards you are together again. Do you think your relationship will be better than what you had before or the worst is you don't trust them as much as you trust them before?



Hello Dutzy Doris


If the marriage finishes, it means that between he and she doesn't exist more love.....i think that is possible come back together but it will be a true love?

I think it's difficult decision to take.. If they can separated for the first time, they can be separated again..

Here is a saying" It is easy to love but not easy to get together."

I think there is cause between the relationship without checking up.

Some of people still choose love but they hurt each other in it.

Perhaps you just dont believe that is weird but that is a cause that make you keep on it.

For example Women want a safty feeling, The object is men. If men can satisfy with her

They will bla bla bla.....

but if men can satisfy with her, That may be a powerful men.

The ego of powerful men will beat her, She will meet paradox the problem of to love or not to love.

That is a bad cycle. Sometimes ego can be changed to turn to positive side.

In this cases, Women should upgrade original desire. Try not to get powerful stick.

To think about ethic among humen, to put youself in love.

sorry for some word lose, "If men can not satisfy with her they will bla bla..."

It's all about expectations. When you split up and you going to be together again, you have to be prepared for 2 hypothetical situations.

1. You both changed, its natural process. We meet new people, make new friends, cope with difficulties, struggle with life, enjoy days out etc. We evolve. So in the end of the day we are different people. Now if you give yourselves another go be ready to build new relationship with new person otherways you will fail.


2. none of you changed oneselves. It didn't work before and it will not it the future. Full stop.

btw could anyone possibly correct mistakes in my comment? ta

I don´t think so, I agree with bartek, because If you both get divorced/break up is not for free. Somethings you don´t like about him or backwards. Maybe it is very difficult to forgive some issues (I am talking about real forgive when you can forgot bad things and this things don´t hurt you anymore). Maybe your trustiness was affected.   

So does it mean... No chance for one more chance? This is so sad but I guess that's reality. If there are some people who get back together after they separated and they have much better relationship than before maybe it's really true love and forgiveness but this is very rare now a days.

I think everything is supposed to trace to the original point . Why you love him so much and why you cannot get along with him now , that might be the sticking point to determine both of you would like to get along again . take it into second thought you would find yourself more.

You are generally right  becuase most people are too busy to deal with your feeling too much.

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