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How can you be happy ?

When you're sad.. What can you do to be happy ?



When I feel upset I put ut my headphone to listen to my favorite songs, that's a good way to over come it....

it usually works! =)


What are your favorite songs?

I love Florence + the machine

I try to do something that distract my mind, like play a video game or sometimes to chat

When I'm sad, I think the cause of my sadness. I often find that the cause of my sadness is a farce. I think there are many people who would have better reason to be sad, and those people are not sad. So I think it's better to be happy because I have many things for which I should be glad, instead of being sad about not being able to get more things that are not necessary to live.

I listen to music or talk to my friends.

I watch a movie or some interesting videos which can make me laugh!Sometimes I find that I can't get out of my sadness, I will tell myself that it's not a big deal and you can get over it.

I will listen to music and sleep to be happy

When I feel upset, I go out to run around.

I don't need to care anything for running!

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