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My Italian for your help in Dutch

I’m an Italian girl living in the Netherlands. I’m 27 and I arrived here in October 2012. I live in Rotterdam. I’m here with my boyfriend. He works for an American company, where he can speak English. As for me, I just enrolled to the Volksuniversiteit in Rotterdam to attend a course for beginners, because finding a job without the knowledge of Dutch language is difficult. Would you like to help me with my homework? Would you like to learn/improve Italian language too? If the answer at these questions is ”Yes”, contact me.



That's great! I reccommend Speak in a Week, it's a great (free) one week program to follow to learn how to speak the language for communication purposes faster. I followed this program too, and it really helped me overcome the fear of speaking and making mistakes. The guy who gives the course has some great advice, however, he advises you don't mind the grammar. I advise you DO mind the grammar since you want to find a job. This is where your university course comes in handy! I assume right now you have nothing you need to do except study Dutch, so be sure to study several hours a day. It's not an easy language to learn. One thing you need to do from the start is learn which article goes with which word, since this is completely random (there are no rules for it). Good luck! =)

I'm Dutch and am attempting to learn Italian, so if you want help just shoot a message! I have a Romanian girlfriend, and she also had to learn Dutch. She got some stuff refunded from the government if she reached a certain level within a year, but I'm not sure about the details. It might be worth asking about government taught courses at the city hall though.

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