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Hangul or Romanized first?

Im finding it so hard to understand how to pair up the the consonant & vowels to make words in proper Hangul.


So i was wondering if i should continue cracking my brain with the consonats and vowels or understand the romanized version of korean to be able to pronounce it for conversations.


Which is better...Learn Hangul first or learn the romanized way first?



I say the best way is to learn Hangul first because learning just the romanization is no help. If you are stuck then I referring to an accurate romanization can give you help, but learning the consonants and vowels alone first and then pairing up the sounds will get you where you want to be faster.

I agree with David.


Learning hangul is not very hard its actually very easy once you can get the hang of it. After you learn the spelling you will be able to sound out words correctly by reading the hangul rather than reading it romanized.

I recommend you to use both of them as you get used to and feel comfortable to read hangul without a flaw. The fact is that sometimes certain characters, say, letters are not pronounced as in the alphabet. You are going to find lots of sound shifts in different words. Thus romanization will help you to remember how exactly the words are pronounced. Even you can use your very own version of romanization because sometimes you cannot find these discrepancies in the standard romanized version as well. Let alone Korean, you can't even be so sure about how to prounce a word you have just read in English as a native English speaker.


I hope you have an enjoyable experience in learning Korean. Best Luck!

i never look at the romanized version because most of them dont sound the same and have you saying the word all wrong. most of the words i know come from me watching kdramas they really help in pronunciation because there native speakers plus i say the words regularly around my brothers and sisters. but if you need help hit me up i've already gotten down how to read and write in hangul^^

hangul first! I can actually read korean though it might take me a bit but it is better because their character symbol has similiar yet different sounds then we do and you will learn faster, easier and quicker if you learn to hangul the same way you learned to read/speak as a child. symbol = this sound, etc etc. 


I had an advantage of a co-worker being a korean teacher so she taught me the korean hangul that way, which HELPed a ton, thought now its learning words and grammar, lol.

Learning hangeul first...


And some romanizations are not very accurate. When I'm looking for romanized lyrics of Korean songs, I don't even understand some of them. But when I read the hangul lyrics of the song, it made sense. So I think learning romanization first would confuse you even more.

Hangul will help you in the long run. You will be able to read anything by knowing the alphabet, though it's a good idea to work on pronunciation. I remember it was hard to remember certain letters that look similar, but after working on it and reading slowly, I was able to read anything (even if I didn't yet know the meaning). 


If you want to elaborate more on what you're having trouble with learning, I can try to help explain :) 

Additionally, if you know any phrases like "hello" etc romanized, (annyeong) and then you see the Hangul version and use that to help you memorize the sound the letters will make. 안녕. and then you can recognize ah, ㅏ is "a" ;  ㄴ is "n" ; ㅕ is "yeo" ~ like that!

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