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A chance to change your life.

If you had a chance to reborn would you live your life in another way? Or it would be the same?





If i had a similar opportunity, i would like be an english-american i wouldn't have problems with english tongue...

Hello, Gaetano! But do you accept the fact that your neighborhood wouldn't be around you?


if i had a chance to reborn again i will have the same life n' walk the same path may be i will change few decisions that's all 

No I think I do have a great life, So I geusse there is no need to chaneg it

I always envied other's life when I did not meet the person I belove.

However, I enjoy everything in my life now because I cherish the opportunity of meeting him. 

I would try to live my life in another way.......But I'm sure i would have ended up here in this exact same place........

I have thought about this topic many times but sometimes I realize that I don´t have a true answer. Because sometimes I would prefer to live in another country because my country has many things that I don´t like. Here are many bad people. but sometimes I think: "here in earth are not a perfect country, every country have bad and good things" So how Do I really know what is the best country?.


Sometimes I think: "I should have studied another area of study", "I shouldn´t have done these things", "I should have gone to these places", but I think how I really know what is good or what is bad, Maybe what I did it was the best. 


Finally I think that I live in the right country for me, I was born and raise with the right family and in the right period of time. All my life experiences have become what I am right now. I have learned so much, I have grown a lo. So If I even hadn´t lived a little bit of what I have lived, I would be what I am right now, Maybe I will be another person (better or worst I don´t know). I am not perfect but I am happy with what I am. I only thank God for all my life.



I would love to experience life as a different person but I wouldn't want to losey family and friends and all the great experiences I've had 

If i can to reborn myself I would to have same life but may be I will be change somethings mistakes from my present life I will learn more in highschool that is all for what I am sorry :)

I suppose I would start everything from the very begining. Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong place.

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