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Learn Basic Korean

Hey guys! It's playfulangel34!

Let's learn basic korean, okay? ^^

1. Hi/Hello- Annyeonghaseyo (Formal)

                   - Annyeong (Informal)

2. Hello  (on the phone)- Yeoboseyo?

3. How are you?- Annyeonghaseyo?

                             -Gwaenchanayo? (Formal)

4. I'm alright- Gwaenchanayo (Formal)

                       - Gwaenchana (Informal)

5. Good morning!/Afternoon/Evening- Annyeonghashimnikka!

6. My name is... - Je ireum-eun ... imnida

7. What's your name?- Dangsinui ireumeun mueosip nikka? (Informal)

                                        - Sungham ee uttoke daesipnika? (Formal)

8. Bye- Annyeong (Informal)

           - Annyeonghigaseyo (to a person leaving)

           - Annyeonghigyeseyo (to a person staying)

9. See you later - Tto bwayo

10. Good night- Jaljja (Informal)

                          - Annyeonghijumuseyo (Formal)

If you want more, just ask me and I'll try to answer your question.




i got all those down like 3 months ago and i started learning 7 months ago^^


what is 'what should i do' in korean? 


@raychel: eotteoke. ^^

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