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Where to start?

 i wonder where to start our tagalog language lesson here in this group. any native speaker from Phillipines that can start our discussion about tagalog language and maybe more about the culture etc. there is quite a number of Filipinos working together with us here and i really like to talk in Tagalog with them but still don't know how to start the conversation. so far i only know a few words for greetings. so any ideas for us to make this group more happening? 



i want to know to .i hope to learn mo tagalog!! pls help me
IMHO I think the best way to learn is to use it in everyday language so if no one minds I'm going to start.. ^_^

Hello, Kumusta na kayong lahat?
SIno-sino ba ang gustong sumali dito?

You can start your conversations with Filipinos by saying "kumusta ka?" which means "how are you?" and most of them will respond by saying "mabuti naman, ikaw?" which means "I am good, how about you?"

Here are some of the common phrases you can use to start your conversation:

kumusta ka? - how are you?
Ano ang pangalan mo? - what is your name?
ilang taon ka na? - How old are you?
Saan ka nakatira? - Where do you live?

Kumusta ka Rose?(how are you Rose)
Probably it's because there where less people here are learning Tagalog than other common languages such as English, Chinese etc. including other Asian languages.
But you don't have to worry there where some of us here who are willing to help people like you to learn our language(Tagalog). If you do have any questions regarding "Tagalog" don't hesitate to keep in touch.Good luck in learning.

ok. .post your english grammars and i will translate them in tagalog.I will try if i can .( Magpadala kayo dito ng pangungusap sa ingles at isasalin ko para sa inyo sa tagalog.Isang pagsubok  ito kung kaya ko./  Tagalog is more on the side of expressing emotions and concepts and ideas rather that on the business sides./note that filipinos can speak tagalog but they are not native tagalogs so dont expect their fluency in many conversations.                                                       /  mataripis/

Ako din...

for anyone who wants to learn filipino, you can chat with me through yahoo messenger.

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