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Why the majority of users in italki are women?

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Sometimes I'm going here and start following new peoples and when the small panel on the middle right of the page suggests me new user it's interesting for me that why the majority here are women do you know the reason of it?





Seems more or less even to me.  But if you ask why are most lest than 25 in age, then that is a valid observation

Because they like talking and making friends.

What I think is that the Meet New Friends panel mostly suggests the opposite gender for the user. My panel shows 4 females out of 5 suggestions, and I don't think that 80% of users are females!

I'm not sure if the majority are women. On the discussion page right now, the ratio is 10/7 in favor of men. On the recent answers page it's 8/6 in favor of men. I have gotten far more follower requests from men than women, but my new friend suggestions also show 4 women out of 5 suggestions. On the other hand, on the notebook page the women outnumber the men 9 to 6.

When I look for new people they are all men.I think italk arrange search according to our sex.

Hm ..

I think that's maybe cause of attractiveness of another gender that convinced someone to continue the process of learning and being active but only for youngs

Whatever good idea of finding and learning from peoples around the world and make friends :)

If it is true that there are more women than men on Italki I would submit the following as possible reasons:


1- Women generally communicate more and better than men (a generalization...there are exceptions)

2- The percentage of women vs men becoming more educated has increased dramatically over the past 20 years. Here in the US, more women than men get a college (university) degree!

3- Women are generally more sociable than men are (again, a generalization...exceptions exist!)


It's very possible that the majority of people on italki are women.  I read this post and then had to go look at my suggestions to see if they were male or female.  On my page, most friend suggestions are male.  Interesting.  

It may be a kind of inner instinct or what you name it that women often don't start the conversations or discussions like that in public manner.

I think they like more than men to communicate but also in a protective manner .

(Exceptions always exist)

Perhaps the majority of the population in the world is women.. Anyway here in Phil. I guess it's women I don't know with other country...

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