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What is something you do that makes you genuinely happy?

Talking to people who I casually meet and make them laugh at something. Reflecting on the positive side of life, not paying much attention to the negative. Always seeing the humorous side of events. Observing nature in a beautiful park. A smile of child. Having the feeling that I  have learnt something new.
Usually, when I can contribute to make someone happy, it also make me genuinely happy.

Can you tell your italki partner what \bout what makes you genuinely happy?




helping people out and charity work

When I think about each of my goals that constantly moving towards me after all the effort that I've put forth. Also, I concur that helping others and being grateful is always counts for something.

All the things you mentioned. It also make me happy helping others to learn my native language and, of course, practising languages. I also like watching TV shows (documentaries, k-dramas, so forth) and learning new interesting things. Last but not least, I really like singing.

Helping people, just in anything. 

Also, getting to talk to different people of different point views, different culture, language, believes, etc. 


cushy job,  no responsibility, high pay, nice welfare, etc,


If everything goes well I'm happy.

As a traditional guy in China, what really makes me happy is my parents are happy. Although it seems unfaithful, it's really my thought. Before study in university, nothing was taken into consideration as most of time and energy is paid on the numerious exams in high school. Now, many problems emerged as time goes by. At the same time, my parents grow older. I feel quite anxious because I can't afford a better lives for them.

My special someone that I try to make happy continously and that makes me happy as well, and then of course, that someone has the same mission about me too, it's just the magic of love :) I bet that can make happy just about anyone.

Spending time with family also makes me happy, very :) Don't yo,  my friend Joao, enjoy spending valuable time with your family and specially those that are not so physically near??

Reading books. That's all!

Helping people, exceeding my own limits and being a good person and seeing others being good persons! :)

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