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Do you like to travel?



Yes, i would like to travel through out Europe, and visit my family in norway,spain and italy as well  as visit where i grew up; Montreal,Quebec and  Colombo,Sri Lanka

i like to visit the usa & i am looking forward to continue my study in


I like to travel all over the world , while i don't have much time to accomplish the goal . Nowadays, I spend plenty of time in practicing my English to pass the IELTs test.

If you have opportunity to go abroad , I think you can plan a new journey to south asian countries as I know you are from icy northern land . Try to visit a quite different weather and savor southern weather culture , It would be a magnificent experience for you . 

yes of course why not?

I like to travel by train. I hope I will travel by train from china to europe someday.


Yes, I love to travel! I've only been out of the U.S. once, and that was to Ecuador. I would love to visit Europe, especially Spain and Italy. I have family in Naples and would enjoy the trip. 



i love to travel

Actually, i love to travel Englans most.  U know, British style is so fascinating. The worse thing is i have no money but i'll earn money by partime job or something else. 

yes!!! I have a plan to travel Tiwan! I will be fun! 

I like traveling a lot. and I also like see difrent places in the world but at first I should see all over of my country Iran. I have seen lot's of beautifull cities but I still haven't seen some of them . I think we should learn about ourselves and our country then start our jerny to visit the world.

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