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Call to you?

I bought some credit in skype to call phones, I bought because I wanted call to my friend is far away, but when I called her I dind't use all the credit and now Skype sent me a mail "Your credit will expire in a couple of days" (I thought the credit it would be forever!) I really don't know a lot about this things, it was my first time and now I can't call to my friend because she is on travel and doesn't have her own phone. I don't want to waste my money. Is anybody here who wants a call to practice English? I think I don't have a lot credit so only a few minutes... 



I have a similar experience as yours.  I found skype would set your default status as "saving model" in which you can dial in a relatively low cost , however, you need to pay fixed expense per month . you may find the basic setting in the skype to click "no saving model" to change its original setting .

I cannot sure what the English label in the setting is as the skype I use is chinese version. you may try to change its setting . good luck to you .

According to Skype, Credit expires after 180 days of non-use,


'You can call for example, a toll-free number and you will not be charged for that call and it will reset the 180 days to 1 from whatever they were, so that your credit will not exiprire for another 180 days, and you can do that whenever you wish, if you want to reset the days prior to receiving the email. '


Should not cost more than a couple of cents to call a local phone.



Thanks for the explanation I will call to local phones I think is better idea. 

My skype credits do not expire. You should change your settings.

hahaha it sounds familiar to me xD

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