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What should I reply to someone who complimented me. In korean?

if someone complimented you in korean like, Hey your korean is good and you look like korean.

How would you reply with that. Like thank you?really?in korean oplease



Well it's your own choice. But personally, If some friend said my korean is good, I like to oppose it and say "에이이이 아니예요~ / Eyyy I'm not~" and she/he fights back and insist it. Haha. But if I only talked to that person for the first time, I'd just go "아 정말요? 감사합니다! / Ah really? Thank you!".

Just say Gomawo! ^^

If this man is sincerely praise my goodness , I would be grateful to his complement. unless that person tried to satirize you or he tried to imply something you don't perceive yet

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