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Learn Basic Filipino (Tagalog)

Hey guys! This is playfulangel34/♥Super Generation♥ again!

And I'm going to teach you some basic tagalog sentence that we used in our everyday life! ^^

1. Hi/Hello- Hi/Hello (Filipino language doesn't have hi or hello. So they still used hi/hello.)

2. How are you?- Kamusta ka?

3. I'm fine!- Ayos lang ako.

4. What's your name?- Anong pangalan mo?

5. My name is .../I'm ...- Ang pangalan ko ay .../Ako si ...

6. Who are you?- Sino ka? (Singular)

                       - Sino kayo? (Plural)

7. Where are you from?- Saan ka galing?

8. Bye- Paalam

9. Good morning!- Magandang umaga!

10. Good afternoon!- Magandang hapon!

11. Good evening!- Magandang gabi!

12. Hey!- Hoy!

13. I miss you- I miss you (Doesn't have miss in tagalog)

14. I love you- Mahal kita

15. I'm from ...- Galing ako sa ...

If you want more, just ask me and I'll try to answer your question.



It would be good too if you uttered the words so we could learn the pronounciation as well :)

i learn a little Filipino before,like maganda-beutiful or good, maganda umaga-good afternoon,i have already forgot,hehe,i have a tutorial in Philippinese,she is very beautiful,i learn Filipino and english with her

hey these are great!  got more? 


Sure! I will post more. What do you guys want? Sentences? Words? I will post it! =>

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