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sometimes life can be so boring.

sometimes life can be so boring :(




Getting bored is not bad, it helps to think or do things that you would not have done if you were busy elsewhere.


I like that quote :P

agree with you! but when we overcome our problems in life it taste very good. i think you must think of that moments.

great idea Pablo,thanks :P :)


Djamal,yeah sometimes problems make life more interesting 

Agree with Pablo.

a man  who is eating all time foods  he do  not know  hungry , but a person who did not eat anything one day he will  know the reall hungry  , and give some same food to both perosn but the second person will get more taste more than first person   , that like as life  , if  want know realll  taste of life  must want some boring or sad

sometimes is wonderfull*****

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