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Russian-other Slavic languages

Is it possible that using  Russian language I can understand and talk with other Slavic people for example Polish, Ukranian,etc. 



Some Russian TV hosts and sports commentators also appear on Ukrainian TV channels. They speak Russian, while their co-hosts or guests speak Ukrainian. Both understand each other fairly well. With Ukrainian, you have to learn a few word stems which are different, e.g. 'шукаты' instead of 'искать', 'рахуваты' instead of 'считать', and so on. But word composition and inflection follows similar patterns. But it's very unlikely you will understand Polish or Czech, except for a few simple phrases.

No, you will hardly understand other Slavic languages. Yes, using Russian you can talk with other Slavic people (from former Soviet Republics), because most of them know Russian too.

Most likely, somehow you'll understand Bulgarian (for russian speakers most understandable perhaps, not even because of graphics but because of language history), Ukrainian, and some other. Western slav languages like Chezh or Polish are hard for understanding unlike southern slav which are historically closer. I guess, well educated native russian speaker can understand general meaning of almost any slav text (with some history background :) ), but for learners only separate words and simple phrases are available for comprehension.

But anyways, the structure of slav languages and most part of vocabulary are common... unlike e.g. German languages and others as far as I know.

Thank you for your help!


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