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Translate this from korean to english ^^

고맙긴요ㅎㅎ 이쁘세요 인기 많으시겠어요^^ㅎ
부모님중에 어느분이 한국분이세요?


Can't understand what he means by this. -.-



Well... I know that  the ㅎㅎ stuff = 'lol' or 'hahaha'

이쁘다 means lovely or cute

in this sentence you have 이쁘세요 which I assume means basically the same thing except in formal format since you have seyo in the end.


Other then that I have NO idea :p

Thanks (the spelling looks little weird though. I think it should be 고맙군요... IDK since I'm not native Korea)

You're pretty, I bet you're famous. One of your parents is Korean? (Who's Korean among you're parents?)

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