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What is ideal relationship for you?



There is no perfect relationship, so i can't brag haha..

Well, just someone that shares the same interests and loves experiencing new things and isn't affraid of change. Just a relationship where you can laugh at each other, Never feel embarrassed or feel like you have to impress them or explain yourself. 


I absolutely agree with Dina..... Perfect relationship only with GOD. and there is no perfect relationship with human being because nobody is perfect, Our lacks will be completed by others. If you find someone who make you laugh freely, remains to be yourself, feel enjoyable and comfortable with him/her, be sure that's ideal realionship. besides, good relationship base on trust, appreciate and respect :)


To laugh and cry together, care about, help and respect each other. You can be yourself without too much tolerating. Having same hobbies, likes or dislikes are similar. You can relax when you with your partner. Having same opinion  is also important. Understand and forgive one another. 

the best thing is to fulfill the need of his sex.....:)

You may share a variety of  relationship with different people in phases . Our ideal relationship must come from trust , appreciate and respect as Tina mentioned before  . I cannot agree of it any more. In my opinion, the real considerate relationship is not easy to find , even your closet partner or family may not unlikely achieve it . I have seen plenty of people to ruin their relationship as too strong character or hardline temper. You may feel it is so stupid years later why they are so stubborn , however, most people must learn to confront their emotion and passion year by year to grow up. 


understand is essential and forgive is talent

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