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Looking for buddies.

Hi. I am new and learning Icelandic from scratch. I learned the very basics a few years ago but have since forgot most of it. I signed up on the Iceland University site and have been doing well, which I was surprised by since it has been so long. I haven't spoken in (other than singing along to some Icelandic music) in just as long. I am looking for buddies that are either learning or native speakers. I am not picky. :)



Hello! I think we're mostly in the same situation (: I'm from Mexico and I'm learning Icelandic by myself as well.

Hi. I'm also learning Icelandic. ;)  Do you mean you're learning from I'm doing the very same thing. ;)

Hey, I am also learning Icelandic. If by the Iceland University site you mean what frankmulder mentions, I have found the sound quality very lacking, especially since Icelandic can get quite tricky when it comes to pronounciation. I have, however, found this little gem and am checking it out for now.


Perhaps you guys will like "Viltu læra íslensku?"

It's an internet sitcom in Icelandic, with Icelandic subtitles, and designed to help people learn the language. It's one of the best resources I've come across!

Hey, Pierre-Emmanuel, that's a really great resource. Brilliant!


If you come across other interesting stuff, let me (or us here) know :)

These are great recommendations! I agree with arca0 that the sound at isn't great. Often the actors don't follow the script exactly, which is confusing when you are at the very beginning stages of a language. It's still valuable though.

I've also been using Linguaphone Icelandic but it's rather dated and EXTREMELY time-consuming.

I'm glad you said that because, even though I found it to be the best option so far, spending 2-3 hours a day on it was getting to be a downer. I think I'll just start doing smaller chunks of text so that I can absorb the material better.

Thanks everyone for their recommendations! :)


also, learning from scratc..I started last year but had things happen that made me have to just give it up for awhile..would love to communicate with others that are learning as well


oh those are all excelent links !


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