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What is the purpose of your work?

We all work hard everyday,but do you like your work indeed? What is the purpose of your work now?For money?For dream? Or for others?Please tell me about you.



I dont like my job actually. But I still work hard every to earn the salary. Because I need money for living.So simple.


I work to find what i like/dislike. 

I gave a challege to myself to experience different fields of work so i won't regret it in the future, and i have learned so much the past 2 years. 

I did from sales, marketing, office work, clothing, styling, bookstores, designing, etc. 

Right now, i quit my job in software company because i figured it isn't me, although i'm very glad because i have learned very much about myself. And now, i'm on my own as a Freelance makeup artist/stylist/fashion designer. And i'm doing this because i enjoy every second of it. 

Dina Albayati,thanks for your reply.These experiences must be branded on your memory.My mother told me "To know happness one must first experience sadness."I think you did so.I'm going to do just as  you said,working to find what I like/dislike,then do the job I really like.Thank you very much.

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