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How to improve spoken English?

I think this must be the most important thing for people who is learning English as second language.  Most of us can write English well ,but can't communicate with no-native English speaker face to face.We afraid they can't understand us ,due to our accent or we can't express ourselves well ,we always struggle for some little words to discrible what we want to say.


Plz take some time to write down here what do you think how we can improve spoken English ,or share with us your excellent experience.Thanks for you contribution in advance.





it s so simple . İf you want to improve it you have to speak speaking is the key. ı guess you should known this but just asked to be asked.

I agree with all above. I think it is also helpfull to record your voice and maybe you can get feedback by yourself or another who is fluent in english.

Maybe you can use to improve your spoken language . 

Hi Oksana,Nana,Diego,Caner&Amelia,

Thanks for you all .Your adivce inspired me  and let me know why my English is not improved  with my day by day effort , it stay in a low level for a long time.

 Oksana,I can't thank you enough. You are my lucky star.It's very happy meeting  you here. I can't agree you more ,we should learn with ears, not eyes. it's exactly what I need.

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